The Latest Bitcoin Price Predictions

Bitcoin has had an unbelievable couple of years. Between 2017-2018, the price rocketed dramatically and common understanding of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency continued to spread far and wide.

Some high-profile events last year – including various hacks or thefts on some exchanges – led to a tumble in terms of the value of Bitcoin. As we continue to move further into 2019, the what does the landscape look like now?

Here is a rundown of the most recent Bitcoin price prediction to help you get a new perspective on your investment strategy.

Growth in April

Throughout the entire month of March, Bitcoin made a healthy growth of around 8%. While Bitcoin by no means led the pack in terms of growth among coins, it’s a moderate amount. This growth looks set to continue into April any beyond, given that Bitcoin opened the month with a rapid upward move that took it past $5000.

A Yearly Pattern

As the year rolls onwards, though, we can anticipate that Bitcoin will follow a similar pattern to other years and eventually decrease steadily until hitting a low of around $5000 in September. From this point onwards, the usual rapid price increase will begin and the value could surge very high to an estimated $10000 by the end of this year.

Increased Understanding

As a shared understanding of Bitcoin continues to grow, the reputation and standing of Bitcoin can be expected to improve in tandem. This will have large impacts on the value of the currency, propelling it further forwards.

Some analysts have used a range of corrections and extrapolations to make accurate predictions for the value of Bitcoin by the end of 2020, for example. These figures are estimated to be around the $17,000 mark.

Pervasive Use

It is estimated that as Bitcoin continues to establish itself within the minds of people around the world, it will be accepted by more retailers and institutions. In their bitcoin price prediction, some analysts believe that a year of consistent and steady growth will really help Bitcoin to stabilize.

Nasdaq Launching Bitcoin Futures

At the end of 2019, the Bitcoin space was rife with rumors that Nasdaq was set to launch a Bitcoin futures market in the first half of 2019. If this is the case, we could anticipate that the price of Bitcoin may experience a dramatic boost.

The launch of Bitcoin futures is pending regulatory approval from the CFTC, and many news sources reveal that Nasdaq’s CEO, Adena Friedman, still has a belief that Bitcoin could become the global currency of the future.

First Seizure of Bitcoin in Canada

Another large news story that could potentially affect the price of Bitcoin is the seizure of $1.9 mln from Canadian drug dealer Matthew Phan. This is the first time that Canada has seized Bitcoin, and the dark web drug dealer lost a huge sum.

As these news stories continue to develop rapidly, we can expect for a lot of adjustments in the price of Bitcoin throughout the month of April.