Fintegri Compensation Plan

There are four levels to the compensation plan for affiliates and they include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. The lowest is for a $500 investment, while the highest, the VIP, is for a $10,000 investment. The Bronze package is $100 and will keep the account active but will not produce returns. Affiliates are charged 35% daily as a fee for payments on the rate of return. There are also several affiliate ranks, eight to be exact. They include, from lowest to highest, premier, ruby, emerald, diamond, blue diamond, royal diamond, royal ambassador, and crown royal ambassador.

Referral Commissions on Investment

Affiliates also earn investment referral commissions when they recruit affiliates. The percentage paid is determined by how much the affiliate invests. For example, bronze affiliates will receive 10 percent on investment packages, while gold, VIP, and platinum will receive 15 to 20 percent.

Referral Commission

Furthermore, affiliates receive paid recruitment commissions through a 3×18 matrix, as well. The matrix allows the affiliate to be at the top and below them are three other positions. Affiliates are paid $10 per affiliate who is recruited. Further, the amount that an affiliate earns id determined by how much an affiliate has invested.

The system also provides for residual referral commissions through a binary compensation structure in which an affiliate is at the top and then the matrix splits to the sides and keeps splitting thereafter.

Matching Bonuses

Matching bonuses are also part of the uni-level compensation structure in which an affiliate is at the top of the team, and the personally recruited affiliates are below, and then that splits to more affiliates recruited by the personally recruited affiliates. Ones rank determines how much an affiliate receives in their matching bonus.


Those who are interested in joining pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000. Silver is the lowest level, while VIP is the highest.

The platform has also added value to its affiliate investment by adding WCX tokens onto Silver packages and higher. On the website, individuals will notice a “pre-sale” for FINT, which looks to be an altcoin layer. There are those who also believe that the platform is using trading bots to generate ROI as well.